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October Curriculum Newsletter

Language Arts with Mrs. Paster

Students have completed their reading of eight texts about the American Civil Rights Movement.  For each article, they have completed a reading comprehension assessment and a short answer review. To formulate answers, students have followed the ACE method--Answer, Cite evidence, and Explain, Expand, and Elaborate. The scores for these summative assignments are in Power School.  


Now that they have concluded their reading, students will begin an essay that answers the question “How do people attempt to create change in the face of prejudice?” Evidence from several of the texts will be used to formulate essay as we review the function and content of each of the parts--introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.  Students use graphic organizers and examples that assist as they plan their papers.


Chapter 5 of the Holt Handbook, “The Phrase—Prepositional, Verbal, and Appositive Phrases” is the language study focus this month. We have reviewed the function of the phrase and prepositional phrases used as adjectives and adverbs.  Vocabulary for Achievement books have arrived and students will receive the level that best suits their reading Lexile.  


Pre-Algebra with Mrs. Bonsaint

During the month of October, students in pre-algebra will work with numbers expressed in Scientific Notation. They will estimate very large and very small numbers and will perform operations with numbers expressed in Scientific Notation. The next topic will be Algebraic Linear Equations.


Students will continue to have nightly homework, vocabulary work, and weekly skills sheets. It is important that students complete each assignment on time and show all work. They should continue to work to keep their math notebook organized.


I will be after school each Monday for extra help.

Algebra I with Mrs. Bonsaint

During the month of October, students in Algebra I will work with percents. The next topic will be inequalities.  We will begin with solving simple inequalities, followed by multi-step and compound inequalities. We will end with solving absolute-value inequalities.


Students will continue to have nightly homework, vocabulary work, weekly “Countdown to Testing” work, and topic enrichment work. Students need to work to keep their materials, assignments and notebook organized and be sure all work is completed and passed in on time.


I will be after school each Monday for extra help.

Social Studies with Mr. Coggeshall

The month of October will be spent studying Article 3 of the United States Constitution, the Judicial Branch.  This study involves a review of the courts and how students’ rights are affected by Supreme Court rulings.  We will discuss freedom of expression and the freedom of the press.


Science with Mrs. Westergren (in for Mr. Magnusson)

We spent the month of September exploring Earth’s geographical features: plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes and plate boundaries.  Students worked very hard to learn about how the Earth’s surface is constantly changing and is, in essence, “alive”.  We took a journey to the center of the Earth to discover how and why Earth moves, with a focus on density, mass and volume. Our studies in the world of geology continue in science class during the month of October. We will explore rocks and the rock cycle, as well as complete some really neat labs!   


Special Education with Mr. Angwin

Study skills - students continue to work on their organizational skills which includes organizing notebooks for classes and checking Power School to see what assignments they may be missing.  Concepts that are taught in core classes are also reviewed and worked on during this period.


WHS Transition Information from Mrs. Bassett

Thursday, October 5th, from 7:00-8:30, Winnacunnet High School will present an overview of the curriculum and programs available to incoming freshman. All parents of the WHS class of 2022 are invited to attend. Students are welcome to attend with their parents. If you have any questions, please contact Brooke Bassett, Hampton Academy school counselor at bbassett@sau90.org



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