Mrs. Paster

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Mrs. Paster
Grade Eight Language Arts Teacher


Language Arts with Mrs. Paster

Monday, February 12

  • conclusion/conferences--submit by 8:00 PM

  • Mark up your paper--where will you look up, pause, use hand gesture, eye contact...

  • Practice with a peer…

HW:  Finish conclusion and begin marking up paper for presentation.  Study for vocabulary assessment, lessons 11-12, scheduled for Thursday.  Latin/Greek root and suffixes assessment will be next Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 13

  • Peer review and practice of presentation

  • Quizlet practice for lessons 11-12

HW:  Study for tomorrow’s vocabulary assessment

Wednesday, February 14

  • Peer review and presentation

  • Quizlet review--and dictation practice lessons 11-12

HW:  Study for tomorrow’s vocabulary assessment

Thursday, February 15

  • Vocabulary assessment today.

HW:  Presentations in groups tomorrow!  All final revision completed.

Friday, February 16

  • Present intros and revised body paragraphs...winner from the group?

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