• Each week students will have the opportunity to work at their level with the spelling/vocabulary words.  
  • Students will have a pretest to find the word list that best suits their needs for that unit's spelling strategy.  
  • Ideally we will work on each unit starting and finishing on TUESDAY.
  • Students will have a packet to work on at home (book work will be done in school in small group sessions).


We have our first book project due mid October.  The main goal right now is to read the book and to take notes on the story elements.  

Students were taught how to find, reserve and get books through the school website.  Once reserved, they are brought to dining hall for pick up.  The library cart will hold them for a few days. 

Your child should be reading every night in order to finish reading by the deadline of October 17.  They have to take notes on the story elements.  My goal is for them to find a way to collect notes that works for them so I have given them some options (sticky notes, the bookmark, the packet, draw pictures).  

IF I met with your child today, then I signed the front sheet of the packet.  Please sign it and return it for MONDAY so they can get a check for Habits of Success.  

During class we will practice how to find elements of story, practice writing and evaluating book summaries, key elements, etc.  I am using the same sheets that are in their book project packet.  They shouldn't fill out page two yet.  These mini lessons will help them understand how to write their three paragraphs.  I will also give them a rubric next week.

As we move to Standards Based Grading it is important that we begin to change our mindset: Proficient is a standard that has been mastered and is difficult to obtain as it is.  Superior is a challenge - not necessarily more work.  It will take time for all of us to make that shift.  For more information please look at a Depth of Knowledge chart.


Students wrote an opinion piece last week.  We used a graphic organizer, read an article to practice close reading strategies  (informational text) and had class discussions prior to writing.  Students had a rubric and two opportunities to look over their work before turning it in.  Although they were only asked to write a paragraph, I am in the process of adding comments to their work.  Those should be done next week.  You are welcome to look at their papers in their Google Classroom for ELA.  The standards that I teach for writing can be found on the website:

The other standards for reading, speaking & listening, and Language can be found there as well.  It is important to look at what your child should have been proficient in in the lower grades to understand all of the grade 6 standards too.  FUN reading!!