8H Homework & Announcements




The following information is intended to serve as an outline of studies for all core classes during the month of February.

Language Arts with Mrs. Paster

What does the trolley dilemma reveal about human nature?  Should all children get participation trophies? What does Barbie’s evolution tell us about society?  How does our online persona differ from reality? Is football worth the dangers? These are just a few of the questions being investigated by students as they research their self-selected topics by gathering and organizing relevant information, citing textual evidence, and presenting information that reflects grade eight writing standards.  This research paper will serve as the basis of the students’ formal speeches and oratorical project. Additionally, students will complete lessons 12-13 in Vocabulary for Achievement while they continue to examine phrases in their writing.  Furthermore, literature and information reading continues to be practiced with assignments in commonlit.org and newsela.com. Language study explores the use of verbals and active and passive voice.

Science with Mr. Shaw

During January students were introduced to the unit on chemistry. They began by exploring what an atom is and how to observe characteristics of substances through a lab about water. They have also looked at the periodic table and in February they will begin using this knowledge to investigate how and why chemical reactions occur. Students will learn about Bohr models and how these can be used to predict how elements will behave in different circumstances. We will also be studying how to classify molecules and compounds and how to write chemical equations through practice and lab work. As students continue their work in chemistry they will learn in small groups through lab work as well as in guided problems.

Pre-Algebra with Mrs. Bonsaint

During the month of February, students will continue their work with systems of equations. They will learn to solve systems of equations algebraically and by graphing and will solve real world problems. Our next topic will be functions. Students will continue to have vocabulary work and skills sheets. Students will also have weekly “Standardized Testing” practice .  They should continue to work to keep their math materials organized.

Algebra I with Mrs. Bonsaint

During the month of February, students in Algebra I will complete their work with systems of equations and inequalities. Students will learn to solve systems of equations by graphing, by substitution and by elimination. Our next topic will be exponents and polynomials. They will learn the properties of exponents, including rational exponents. They will learn about powers of ten and scientific notation. Our work with polynomials will include addition, subtraction, and multiplication using properties of exponents and combining like terms. Students will continue to have nightly homework  and weekly “Standardized Testing” practice. They should continue to work to keep their math materials organized.

Social Studies with Mr. Coggeshall

In February, we will be finishing up WWI by learning about the United States involvement in the war.  The unit will conclude with a presentation by a collector of World War One artifacts who will share his vast knowledge and collection with the students.  The next unit of study is life during the 1920's as begin to examine the emergence of modern America.

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